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Your Ultimate Bridal Outfit Guide for a Winter Wedding!

Tanya Mittal 29 December 2019

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Your Ultimate Bridal Outfit Guide for a Winter Wedding!

Finally the day has arrived, the day for which you’ve waited for since the longest time. All the dreamy outfit which you have planned to wear since ages are about to turn true. But wait what if your wedding is in winters? Almost 60 percent of Indian weddings take place in winters and brides keep juggling between fashion and frozen weather. But what if we say that you don’t have to not anymore because we came up with some oh so amazing winter wedding hacks and fashion tips which will become your ultimate bridal outfit guide for a winter wedding.

Drape a double duppatta

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This is one of the easiest ways to make your outfit a little apt for a winter wedding instantly. Draping an extra duppatta not only brings a lot of grace but can protect from freezing cold weather at the same time too. You can opt for an embroidered shawl too that’ll match your outfit.

Include a lot of velvet in you outfit

Image source - Anita dongre
The best way to survive a winter wedding is to wear thicker fabrics when it comes to your bridal outfit like Velvet, raw silk, organza not only they’ll keep you warn but they are also very royal looking and will enhance the overall look of your outfit.

A stylish embroidered jacket can do wonders!

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Wearing a jacket in your winter wedding is a good and stylish option to go for plus there’s a bonus they comes in so many different styles and if paired right they can make your wedding lehenga cost half too. Just pair a modish jacket over your lehenga and you are ready to rock your wedding look.

Wear a jointed dress instead of lehenga

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This can be tricky but make you look stunning at the same time too coz not many brides think of experimenting with their two pieced lehenga. But you gotta do something for the freezing cold weather and this is probably the best option we came across!

Long sleeves comes to rescue

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Image source - Sheerenlovbug
There’s no explanation required Long sleeves are definitely 100 times better for a winter wedding you can even go for three fourth sleeves if you want to sow your mehendi and accessories.

A peplum blouse will keep you cozy

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Peplum blouses are making a huge trend this wedding season and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So try to opt for them if you want something different yet cozy. They look quintessential for the winter season too.

Layer it with a leather jacket and bring in some swag!

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Leather jacket not only bring in the swag in your bridal outfit but also make sure that you don’t feel an inch of cold in the freezing season. You can even wear them only for shoots too with your bridesmaid.

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