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Welcome to Exclusive Matchmaking (P) Ltd. A personalized and confidential matchmaking service for the professionals, industrialists situated in Delhi, India and serving elite families from US, UK, Singapore, Dubai and around the globe. Exclusive Matchmaking (P) Ltd is an India-based, exceptionally classified and customized marital hunt that unites their matches depending on attitudes, qualities and characters. It is a High Status charge based service with certain qualification and criteria for eligible individuals be it worldwide Indian/Non Resident Indian (NRI) in the age group of 21-50 years. We strongly believe that marriage is based on the four pillars of companionship, trust, respect and faithfulness and to include all these four elements in your match we work really hard. Nowadays, people don’t think of getting hitched even in their late 20’s, they are more involved in building their careers, achieving their goals and in this situation our exclusive services are your one stop solution for all your matchmaking needs. We make sure to provide Utopian experience and to build a bond that’ll last for a lifetime or even more.


Marriage is a beautiful relation to be in and establishing a successful marriage is our fundamental core value. We believe in quality over quantity and that’s why we are very selective about whom we accept as our members. We offer customised services exclusively for high class, so you can experience luxury beyond the ordinary. Get access to an exclusive world of benefits and privileges and join the Exclusive community.


"Our mission is to make a difference in the life of someone by connecting them to their life partner no matter whatever challenges come across in our path the end goal always remains the same to provide supreme services to those who trust us unconditionally." "We love when our work is appreciated moreover, when our clients acknowledge us for being their constant reliable source of match making, when they spread the good word about our services positively with happy and satisfied faces that’s what keep us passionate about our work to provide astonishing outcomes."


"We are very specific when it comes to our match making procedure. Each and every client of ours is handpicked after fulfilling strong eligibility criteria. We have a team of experienced trained professionals. What sets us apart is our passion and love for our work. We understand what are the priorities of an individual when it comes to marriage. We believe that getting to know our clients personally and experiencing their aspects of life is one of our USP’s and it even increases our matchmaking success rate significantly."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any trail period available?

For now, No we don’t provide trial periods since matchmaking is a time consuming process and any satisfactory result cannot be provided with time.

How many profiles you will share per month?

We cannot put a mark on certain number because we don’t work on targets. We prioritize quality over quantity. In the beginning, the profile sharing speed will be low since it’s a time consuming process to understand what would be the best for an individual. Our experts will be working deeply on your profile to find the best outcomes. After a specific period you will receive timely profile to select from.

Do you only provide online search?

No, we don’t believe in the online approach because matchmaking is much more complex than just making an online account. But we do have an online aspect where you need to create a profile just for our record purposes. Other than that everything will be done in a fully personalized and confidential basis.

Is there’s any eligibility criteria for joining?

We understand that every individual is different and not everyone can fit in a certain criteria because you are perfect just the way you are! However, we overlook a combination of things which includes age, education, income, mindsets, beliefs etc. There are no such precise standards which you need to be perfect in!

What if I found a match somewhere else during my membership period?

We’ll be happy for you for sure. But we will not provide any refund in that situation.

Am i able to get access to some of your profiles?

No, our client’s information are highly confidential and not everyone is comfortable in make it public that they are using matrimonial services. Majority of our clients are VIP’S and from elite class and we can’t take risks of their goodwill by disclosing any related information.

Can I get to know about your team a little bit?

We have a team of experienced trained professionals. What sets them apart is their passion and love for their work. All of them have come from different backgrounds and beliefs the only thing that unites them is their passion for matchmaking they understand what the priorities of an individual are when it comes to marriage. All of them are highly experienced in matrimonial business.

What are your payment options?

We accept payments via Cheque, bank transfers, or online using debit/credit cards.

What’s your refund policy?

Our membership is non-refundable. Make sure you have everything clear before going forward with our services.

Can I pay the amount partially?

No, our amount is a one-time payment which needs to be paid fully at once, we don’t accept partial payments.

What is your success rate?

We’ll be the happiest if each and every member of ours will find the perfect match. But as people say that matches are made in heaven we also believe that it’s true we can only connect them. Still we proudly say that we have a successful rate of 35-40 percent. And we are working really hard to take this percentage higher!

I would love to know some of your success stories, can you share some testimonials?

We proudly say that there are so many love stories we are able to create who are living their happily ever after life! But our success stories are as much confidential as our services. Our client’s privacy is our top most priority and we don’t compromise with it even if it costs us losing out a new member.

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